Indian Creek Trail

Indian Creek Falls Couple Hiking
11.5 ml
5.28 hr
2076 ft

The trail begins as an easy, wide path as it follows Deep Creek Trail. Only three-tenths of a mile from the trailhead the 80-foot Toms Branch Falls cascades down into the creek from the opposite bank. The National Park Service has provided several wooden benches for admiring this beautiful waterfall.

To reach Indian Creek Falls, continue beyond Toms Branch Falls for another half-mile, and then turn right onto Indian Creek Trail. After walking just one-tenth of a mile there will be a short spur trail on your left that leads down to the 45-foot waterfall. If you were to climb back to the main trail and walk a short distance up the trail, you would notice that Indian Creek Falls is more of a water slide than a true waterfall. Wildflowers are also quite abundant along this trail. As you proceed towards Indian Creek Falls, you will find a variety of trilliums, blooming at various times throughout the spring, as well as foamflower, galax, crested dwarf iris, beard tongue, Solomon's seal, cinquefoil, bloodroot, bluets, and blue-eyed grass. Jack-in-the-pulpit is also abundant but is sometimes hard to locate among the wild geranium, Clinton’s lily, and the large Houstonian.

This trail then continues till it starts to blend in with Martins Gap Trail