Whether you want to plan a spring break trip with friends, a family fun-packed vacation, or a solo getaway, Bryson City in the spring is the perfect time for a visit! Experience strolls downtown, exciting outdoor activities, scenic drives, and most recently, a smooth and breathtaking cruise down the “Road to Nowhere.”

Fontana Lake Train Trestle

Sunny Days Strolling Downtown

Nothing beats strolling down the charming streets of Bryson City in the springtime. Goodbye cool weather, and hello blooming flowers, sunny days, and green foliage. Explore Main Street, Everett Street, and beyond, and enjoy the unique shops, boutiques, pubs, and restaurants you encounter along your stroll. Satisfy your sweet tooth by grabbing yourself a delicious treat, or favorite scoop at the Chocolate Shoppe. What’s better than a sweet scoop of ice cream on a warm spring day? That’s right, nothing!

Specialty Shops

Adventuring in the Springtime

When the sun comes out, so do we! Spring is perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, biking, and much more! Venture through Deep Creek, and experience a variety of trails full of waterfalls, picturesque moments, and nature. Nantahala Gorge, a playground for adults, has been a fan favorite for generations. At Nantahala Gorge you can experience a wide range of thrilling activities such as kayaking, whitewater rafting, hiking, and more. Cruise along the Blue Ridge Parkway for incredible views of the foliage beginning to come to life after a long cold winter, and witness the budding flowers and bright color of the Smokies. It’s almost impossible to visit Bryson City without at least getting a glimpse of the magnificent views that make it a hot destination hub!

Hiking at Charlies Bunion

Re-opening of Road to Nowhere

One of our most unique spots in Bryson City just got renovated and is a site you must add to your spring bucket list when visiting us. Located on Lakeview Drive, “The Road to Nowhere,” is a six-mile winding road weaving through the National Forest, with multiple scenic stops. Lakeview Drive, a scenic mountain highway just a few miles from downtown, provides you with beautiful overlooks, lush seasonal foliage, and exciting hiking opportunities, and has become a perfect destination for breathtaking pictures. “The Road to Nowhere,” is part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and fortunately has had some recent renovations! Enjoy a smooth paved road ride with no potholes, that is perfect for vehicle drivers and motorcyclists. At the road’s end, you will reach a mile-long tunnel, which must be reached by walking on foot, or from hiking trails on the other side, including Noland Creek Trail, the Goldmine Loop, and Lakeshore Trails. Make sure to add cruising along the Road to Nowhere and visiting the mysterious tunnel at the road’s end to your list when visiting Bryson City!

Road to Nowhere


Make Spring Sensational in Bryson City

When spring arrives in the rolling mountainsides of Bryson City, North Carolina, our wooded wonderland comes to life. Our downtown eateries, breweries and boutiques throw their doors open wide to let in the spring sunshine. After a long winter slumber, the many wildflowers of the Great Smoky…