Out and Back Trail

Noland Creek South

Noland Divide Trail
2 ml
.50 hr

Noland Creek South starts from Lakeshore Drive Rd and goes downhill to Fontana Lake

Noland Creek Trail South: 2 miles total in and out, easy. Elevations change: 143 feet. This 1-mile trail follows Noland Creek south to Fontana Lake. You can access the trail from either the viaduct area north of the parking lot or the 190-yard-long access path just south of the parking lot. Much of the trail is soft, sandy and occasionally wet, with driftwood litter near the lake.

Visiting with your horse? For horseback riding on Noland Creek Trail, look for a parking lot near the end of the Road to Nowhere. Noland Creek trail is an old service road with a gentle grade.